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About the Creator

Marium Fahad is the brains behind Tangy Tees. She has a post graduate degree in Media Studies from Kinnaird College, Lahore. She thinks communication is a substantial part of our lives and it is extremely imperative to voice ones thoughts and if we can't voice them we should at least have a platform to vent. In today’s times where stress and anxiety are prevalent, and we are flooded with widespread societal problems, Tangy Tees are a creative effort to make you stand out with our cool apparel. Because we believe you should have your own fashion statement.

Company Introduction

Tangy Tees was founded in 2012. The main idea behind the creation of this company is to bring about an innovative revolution in the world of tee shirts. We aim at providing people with tees which are trendy as well as carry a message. We believe that words and pictures are one of the most powerful possessions that man has, and one can use them in a variety of creative ways to send across vital messages. The ideology of the creator of this brand is that tee shirts can be used as a crucial tool and the power of tees has been underestimated in general.

Many a times it becomes hard for us to voice our opinions out loud and not all things can be easily said or spoken but you can always wear a tee shirt with a specific message on it and show what you really think, hence our tagline: ''Wear Your Thoughts.''

Moreover, we are of the opinion that we can bring about a social revolution through tees. We can bring about change or at least move towards it by making people think. The inspiration for the name Tangy Tees comes from the Tangy flavor - which is a distinct sour flavor with a strong after-taste that stays with you for quite sometime after you've tasted it. It refers to the messages our tees carry which can range from being naughty at times to being in-your-face and bold on others.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our customers with trendy yet creative products never compromising on the finest quality of clothing and accessories (coming soon).

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